So what IS a Liminal Oracle?

Hello! This is a bit wordy, so I’ve included a cut tag to spare you at least some of the “wall of text.”

If you’ve found this blog, then you may well be wondering about the title and the name of my business. These aren’t words that get used in regular conversation. Or rather, my friends and I use them occasionally, but those aren’t regular conversations. *grin* I’ll start with dictionary definitions, then get into what they mean to and for me.

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Welcome to The Liminal Oracle!


This is the official home for The Liminal Oracle, and I am your host, Dee Shull.

Herein I will discuss things related to the Tarot:

  • How I do the readings I do;
  • The kinds of layouts I use when reading;
  • A draw a week, and a follow-up at the end of that week;
  • Talking about specific cards, starting with the Major Arcana
  • Deck reviews and comparisons

I identify as genderfluid (which Wikipedia defines as “moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity”; see this link) which means that I have a decidedly different take on how most Tarot decks approach gender. This will also form the basis of an ongoing series, where I talk about the various cards that involve gender in some way, whether as part of the archetype (for example, the High Priestess) or as part of the dynamic in the card (The Lovers).

I also do readings on a professional basis, along with intuitive sessions and ritual support. Over time, I will include posts specifically about those activities.


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